from RUB 1.9 million (~25.000$)
The SPb Room management company organizes the search, settlement and service of tenants, and will ensure the safety of the property, charging a commission starting at 10% of the studio's income. The studio can be purchased as an investment or for personal residence. Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Notarized transaction form
from RUB 2.5 thousand (33$) to 6 thousand (80$) / per day & from RUB 25 thousand rubles (330$) / per month
11-19% per annum (rent)
+ 5% per annum (annual growth in real estate prices)
One studio rented per month brings RUB 300,000 (~4000$) / per year. investor's net income is 11% per annum ( RUB 270,000 ~3600$ )
When using a mortgage, the yield is 27-54% per annum on rent (monthly and daily). It is possible to use a mortgage when buying out the entire object.
Return on investment is 9 years. When the tourist flow returns after COVID 19 — 6 years.
To use this scheme, you must :
Example with a mortgage:
1. Get a mortgage for the cost of the object (from 11 million RUB)
2. Have about 70% of the apartment price in cash (from RUB 8 million) or in the form of consumer loans or in the form of money secured by your real estate in order to build studios and launch a rental business.
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