from RUB 10,000000 (~133400$)
Receiving the passive income from the resale of real estate; Individual complex investment plan. The Income from the sale of studios is reinvested in other projects: equity participation in the construction of hotels, construction of country houses, renovation of apartments in new buildings into equipped studios.
from 50% per annum + VIP status
Detailed information on projects is provided to Investors by representatives of ALBA DEVELOPMENT
(you can use a mortgage, loan)
While an object of 10 studios is been building, the first sales begin at the stage of renovation and occur cyclically and regularly. We reinvest this profit in other projects, and money will bring the new income meanwhile.
This is the financial flow of creating and selling studios
Reinvesting each time the money from the sale of 2 studios in the construction of a country house we get the maximum income
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